Sample Reports

Each inspection begins with our Inspection Agreement Contract, which contains the terms and conditions of your contract with Kahn Home Inspectors. The home inspection results in a detailed report, describing the condition of the house and all potential issues the inspector has found.The report is broken down by category: structural, electrical systems, plumbing, kitchen, roof, etc.

Download a sample Inspection Report for a high ranch house here.
Download a sample Inspection Report for a brownstone here.
Download the Inspection Agreement here.  

The State of New York has strict guidelines for home inspectors. Kahn Home Inspectors wants you to know your rights.

Download a pdf of the Code of Ethics for Home Inspectors here

 Kahn Home Inspectors can perform Laboratory Radon certified testing — in full conformance with the standards of the National Radon Safety Board.

Download a pdf of a Radon Report here

Kahn Home Inspectors provides a wood destroying inspection (WDI) that identifies WDI damage. We are also in contact with reputable licensed exterminators which can conduct further analysis and estimates free of charge.

Download a sample termite inspection report here.

 Kahn Home Inspectors offers a full mold inspection that entails determining areas of water intrusion, and determining the type and levels of mold via air sampling and swab sampling.

Download a sample Mold Report here

 Kahn Home Inspectors offers a full asbestos inspection that entails full inspection of the property and laboratory analysis of suspect samples.

Download a sample Asbestos Report here

These reports are shown for illustrative purposes only. The reports for your property may differ.